Our platform offers a user-friendly and secure solution for sharing your APK files with others. As long as your APKs adhere to our terms of service, you can effortlessly upload and distribute them. We are dedicated to upholding a dependable and secure platform for all our users. Join us today to unlock additional features.


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freezercenter.com: Your Simple, Secure Hub for APK File Sharing Are you in search of a streamlined and secure platform to effortlessly share your APK files with peers and colleagues? Look no further than freezercenter.com. Our platform redefines the way you share APK files, eradicating concerns about file size limitations.

No Storage Bounds, No Stress
At freezercenter.com, we offer boundless storage for your files and folders. It's important to note that maintaining an extensive collection of files and folders in your account may have a minor impact on login speed and memory usage within our apps. Nevertheless, this impact won't significantly disrupt your overall platform experience.

Elevated APK File Management
Our platform is fully equipped to handle APK files, the standard format for Android apps. Size constraints vary based on user status: Guests can upload files up to 50 MB, registered users can go up to 100 MB, and premium users enjoy a more generous limit, allowing APK files up to 1 GB in size.

Enhanced Performance Prioritized
We understand the paramount importance of performance, particularly for users with substantial storage demands. Our team is dedicated to optimizing the performance of larger accounts while keeping memory usage to a minimum.

User-Friendly Interface, Fortified Security
Our platform boasts a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with all major web browsers. Security is our top priority; your files are protected through advanced encryption methods, and we never share your data with third parties.

Personalized Sharing Controls
With freezercenter.com, you retain control over who can access your files. You can selectively share your APK files with specific individuals or groups and establish expiration dates for time-limited access.

Effortless Cross-Device Accessibility
Experience effortless access across all your devices with freezercenter.com, an ideal solution for those constantly on the move who require access to their files from diverse platforms.

In a Nutshell
freezercenter.com offers a user-friendly, efficient, and secure platform for managing and sharing your APK files. There are no storage constraints, and size limits vary based on user status, catering to all overseeing their Android apps. Our advanced security features and user-friendly interface ensure the safety and ease of accessing your files. Please be advised that if your APK file remains inactive on freezercenter.com without any downloads for 90 days, the platform will automatically delete it to create space for other users. However, rest assured that we will notify you before taking this action, providing ample time to download or share the file to prevent deletion. Our goal is to maintain a clutter-free and user-centric platform for everyone. So, if you have files you no longer require, we encourage you to consider removing them from your account to free up space for more critical data.

freezercenter.com: Your Simple, Secure Hub for APK File Sharing